PZM and PGE Ekstraliga organize summer Camp for riders from around the world. Will be like in NBA!

– Speedway Ekstraliga Camp is our idea on impulse for foreign federations and help for evolution of young riders. All we’re responsible for future of this sport on world – said Michał Sikora, President of Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation.

PZM and PGE Ekstraliga organize summer Camp for young speedway riders in Toruń. For week since 18th July lincese rider from 125, 250 and 500cc class not only will chance for practice on Motoarena in Toruń, but also will take part in training competitions. All for that in future speedway fueled by the next generation and geography of speedway didn’t end on few countries.

In Poland we have the best spedway league at the world to which existence we need to riders from possible the most width geograpgy potential. Our strategy is global evolution of speedway with collaboration with International Motorcycling Federation. Using the conditions which we have in Poland we can for few years will had in league new riders from Finland, France or USA, anothers Swedish or Dannish and maybe even first riders from Estonia or Argentina, because from those countries we got application for camp – adds Wojciech Stępniewski, President of PGE Ekstraliga.

Idea of organize this Camp was on our minds even before pandemic but objective conditions stopped this project – explains Wojciech Stępniewski. – It’s not like that we bringing to life U24 Ekstraliga we have already in country all riders which in the next years will provide the direct base for world speedway. We belive that a lot of talents it may only come out on wide waters when they will show from just in Poland and from here path is straight to proffesinonal engagement in their carrer. Selection and obervation riders for our clubs is one of the premises of Camp, possiblity of training with participation our coaches – it second. I am convinced that all paths will consumed and it will bear fruit in the future – adds Wojciech Stępniewski.

To this event we prepared oursleves carefully because we known that it have long-term sense when in Poland we will give for young rider not only occasion for training but above all we will provide for them conditions and we will confront them with a few the best polish riders – emphazing Michał Sikora adds that all costs of Camp are covered by the organisers what is the great faciliation for young riders from a lot of corners of the world.

Motoarena is real motorcylce complex when we can show off excellent conditions for training of minispeedway but simultaneously we have ready stadium and track for 250cc and 500cc competitions. Under the care of such coaches as Rafał Dobrucki, Robert Kościecha or Jacek Woźniak youth from around the world will grew up will raise the bar even higher and it will for her stimulus for training that will get engagement in our leagues. Ekstraliga for riders is like NBA for basketball players. To our place is real proffesionalism to which young riders certainly strive – says Michał Sikora.

Training with tuner, psycholist, psychoterapist, photo sessions, integration on karts or possibility talk to such stars of speedway as Bartosz Zmarzlik, Leon Madsen, Tomasz Gollob or Janusz Kołodziej is one of a lot of advantages of Speedway Ekstraliga Camp.