Eliga Manager Q&A game guide

Below you can find Eliga Manager game guide.

  • What is the Squad name and can it be changed during the Game?

The Squad name is chosen by the Player at the registration stage, it must not contain words commonly considered offensive, and it cannot be changed during the Game; it must be within 3 – 20 characters of the alphanumeric keyboard. The name may be taken if one of the Players has previously registered his Squad under that name. Names cannot be repeated. The Organiser reserves the right to change the names of Players’ Squads that contain words commonly considered offensive.

  • Is it possible to withdraw a Squad from the Game?

Yes. You can withdraw a Squad without deleting your in-Game account, allowing you to create a new Squad.

  • How to choose a Team in the Game?

A Team consists of 10 Riders in the Game. A Squad is created in the Game as part of the Team. When entering the Game, you must select an equal number of 10 Riders (you cannot have fewer in the Team). The Team consists of 7 domestic Riders, including a minimum of 3 youth Riders and 3 foreign Riders.

  • Is it possible to change the Team in the Game?

Yes, but only during the transfer windows and only on the basis of interchangeability of Riders from individual positions, i.e. a sold domestic Rider should be replaced by a purchased domestic Rider, a sold youth Rider by a bought youth Rider, etc.

  • Does the CMA limit in the Game apply to the Team?

No. The CMA in the Team has only an informative dimension for the Player.

  • How to choose a Squad in the Game?

After selecting the Team (10 Riders), select the Squad that will run in the next calendar round. A Squad consists of 8 Riders (at least 4 domestic Riders, 2 youth Riders and a reserve Rider under the age of 23). The consequence of choosing a Team (irreversible process) is registration of the Squad.

  • Is it possible to change the composition of a Squad in the Game?

Yes, but only in regular time, i.e. from 12:00 on Tuesday before the round until Friday until 16:00 before the round.

  • When can I submit the Squad to the Game?

You can join the Game at any time after the premiere, and the process of registering a Squad for a given round takes place from 12:00 on Tuesday before a given round, until 16:00 on Friday before the round.

  • Can I register a Squad for the Game during the round?

Yes, but the composition of such a Squad is valid for the next round according to the Game calendar.

  • What do Rider numbers in the Squad stand for?

Numbers 1-5 are only ordinal. Designating a Rider with a given number has no consequences. Numbers 6-7 are also ordinal, but at the same time intended only for youth Riders. Designating other Riders than domestic under the age of 21 with those numbers is not possible.

  • Who can be a reserve Rider on the Squad?

Any domestic or foreign Rider under the age of 23.

  • Which Riders earn points for the Player’s Squad?

Only points of Riders being part of the Squad for the round in line with the Game calendar are counted to the Squad score.

  • What happens if a Player has a Team and selected a Squad for one of the rounds but did not report it for the next rounds?

Once selected, the Squad automatically participates in the entire Campaign, i.e. all rounds in the same composition. The Player does not have to change it.

  • Are all speedway riders available in the Game?

In the Game, only speedway riders reported for the day to real compositions of PGE Extraleague Squads are available.

  • What does CMA stand for in the Game?

CMA stands for the Calculated Match Average calculated on the basis of the Individual Average of riders multiplied by 4.

  • What is the CMA limit per Squad in the Game and how is it calculated?

The Squad CMA may not exceed the value of 41 points. It is calculated as the sum of the 6 best CMAs of Riders registered for the Squad (not for the Team!).

  • When does the Rider’s CMA change in the Game?

When a Rider runs in at least 4 races in the PGE Extraleague season in a real Squad.

  • What is the Rider’s CMA at the start of the Campaign in the Game?

A CMA in accordance with the classification list of PGE Extraleague 2019 Riders. CMA is calculated only from the main part of the 2019 season PGE Extraleague, DM I League and DM II League.

  • What is the lowest CMA of a Rider in the Game?

The CMA of a Rider may not be less than 2.50 points.

  • What is the CMA of a Rider coming to PGE Extraleague 2020 from a lower league in the Game?

CMA calculated according to the principle: Individual Average divided by a factor of 1.3 (from the 1st league to PGE Extraleague) and Individual Average divided by a factor of 1.6 (from the 2nd league to PGE Extraleague).

  • Does the CMA of a Squad change when Riders are purchased/sold?

Yes. A Rider is purchased to the Squad with his variable CMA in the season, but the other Riders in the Squad do not change CMA after transfers made by the Player.

  • Is CMA variable in the final round?

For transfers in the Game, CMA is counted only until the end of the main part of PGE Extraleague.

  • How to purchase and sell Riders in the Game?

Riders can only be purchased and sold during the transfer windows. Riders are purchased for their SPEED CASH budget, and selling a Rider allows to obtain SPEED CASH to the budget.

  • Does the Player lose the points held by a Rider in the achievements of his Squad after his sale in the Game?

No. The Player maintains his points for classification.

  • What is SPEED CASH in the Game?

It is the virtual currency of the Game. The Player accumulates it within the budget of his account. The currency is only used to purchase/sell Riders during the transfer window.

  • When do transfer windows in the Game apply?

From 12:00 on Tuesdays to 15:00 on Fridays after the calendar date of the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 14th rounds of PGE Extraleague, according to the calendar.

  • What is the transfer list in the Game?

It is a list of Riders available in the Game who are registered and approved for runs in PGE Extraleague. Each Rider has their SPEEDCASH value assigned on the transfer list.

  • How many transfers are allowed during one transfer window in the Game?

An unlimited number, but transfers are always made individually and within the SPEED CASH budget.

  • Can a sold Rider be re-purchased to the same Squad in the Game and how many times?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the number of transfers.

  • Is there a separate Squad submission for the Game for postponed matches?

In case of postponement of a match/matches, no separate notification will be required. The Squad composition is counted according to the original deadline. In particularly justified cases (e.g. postponement of all matches of a given round), the Organiser has the right to restart reporting Squads.

  • What are the rules for the Squads’ scoring system in the Game?

The classification is based on the points of individual Riders, reported to the Squad’s composition in a given round according to the PGE Extraleague calendar, added to the achievements of the Player’s Squad. Scoring is made only by Riders from the Squad, and not Riders from the whole Team. A Player’s Squad is credited with 2 points when the Player’s Squad (the sum of all Riders’ points) in a given round scores a minimum of 46 points, 1 point when the Player’s Squad (the sum of all Riders’ points) in a given round scores 45 points and 0 points when the Player’s Squad (the sum of all Riders’ points) in a given round scores less than 45 points.

  • What are the rules for Squad classification in the Game?

The classification is determined by the order: big points and minipoints, and in case of their equality: the sum of points of youth Riders in the Player’s Team, the number of first, second, third and fourth places scored by the Riders in the Team and the time of reporting the Squad (the shorter, the higher the position).

  • What are classifications in groups?

Each Squad may or may not be assigned to a separate classification group in the Game. This does not change the fact that all Squads are classified collectively. The groups are regional/friendly.

  • What does TOP5 stand for in the Game?

It is an element of the Game providing additional SPEED CASH bonuses for the Squad – a classification consisting of the 5 best-scoring Riders after a given calendar month of PGE Extraleague.

  • What are the consequences of a red card for a Rider?

The consequence of a red card for a Rider that a Player has in a Squad for a given round are negative SPEED CASH points (-8,000) and negative points resulting from his exclusion from the race or races (one exclusion is -4,000 SPEED CASH).

  • What is verification of match/matches/round in the Game?

This is confirmation by the management body of PGE Extraleague competitions of the results obtained by the Riders on the track in PGE Extraleague competitions, and at the same time confirmation of the results in the Game. The Organiser reserves the right to carry out the verification within 24 hours after the end of the PGE Extraleague round or 24 hours after the end of the postponed match.